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Govt fails to control price hikes of essentials: Mukti Council

Jatiya Mukti Council leaders spoke out at a rally in Dhaka on Friday, claiming that the Awami League government failed to curb the rise in essential commodities prices during corona regime. The rally was held in front of National Press Club by Mukti Council. Faiezul Hakim, the secretary of the party, presided over it. Faiezul Hakim stated that the government failed to address the Covid situation in Pakistan and failed to control the rising prices of essential commodities. Faiezul stated that recently, the prices of rice and edible oil have risen sharply in the kitchen market. Faiezul said that many people lost their jobs during the corona regime. The suffering of the average person was also increased by the price rise of essentials. He urged the government to immediately take steps to reduce prices. Delwar Hossain (Labour leader), Hemanta Das (Mukti Council central leader), Mitu Sarker (student leader) and other speakers addressed the rally. A protest procession paraded through differe