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Sylhet Researchers Show How To Make Biogas From Wastes

The three-part group, driven by Dr Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun, partner educator and head of Farm Power and Machinery branch of the college, held a fruitful showing of their innovation as of late. The two different analysts are Shankharupa Dey and Jinat Jahan, two understudies of the office. They said there is a colossal chance of creating biogas just as compost through a legitimate administration of tea, fish and cows squanders. The specialists said colossal squanders of tea, fish and steers are delivered in Bangladesh and for absence of legitimate administration, these influence the climate extraordinarily. "These squanders produce immense methane which is more destructive than carbon dioxide ozone harming substance," said group pioneer Dr Rashed. It is conceivable to create 65 percent environmentally friendly power utilizing the squanders, he stated, adding that compost and fish feed can likewise be delivered from perpetual waste after the creation of fuel. "Th